All questions regarding the choice of the legal form of your company up to the design of your contracts: our partners look forward to your inquiries.

1-ElkeSommer En


Trust: because we will
achieve your goals together.

For me, honesty and transparency form the basis of a long-term successful consultancy. I’m always open and responsive to the concerns of my clients, searching for the most efficient way to success.

-Elke Sommer-


Professional education as assistant tax consultant
Degree in law, University of Tübingen
1990 Specialization in tax law
1992 admission as lawyer to the German bar
1995 admission as tax consultant
1999 associate at Voitl & Sommer (auditors/tax consultants/lawyers)
2005 specialization in inheritance law
2014 training as consultant for corporate successions
2015 training as certified executor
2017 training as consultant for international tax law
since 2008 partner at vsbb


contract design
corporate tranformations
inheritance succession consultation
representation of successors and recipients of a compulsory portion


DVEV  http://www.dvev.de/Ratsuchende/

1-HansUlrich EN


Professionalism: Because knowledge creates added value.

Clients like individual solutions, so do I. This is why I deploy all of my experiences and my knowledge in their creation. According to the wise saying: "The ignorance of tax laws does not provide exemption from the duty to pay taxes. The knowledge of them does so very often."

-Hans-Ulrich Berner-


Professional education as industrial management assistant
Studied economics in Stuttgart-Hohenheim
Employee at a medium-size auditing company
1992 appointed as tax consultant
1994 appointed as auditor
1996 founding of Berner & Breyer tax consultant office
since 2008 partner at vsbb
2017 Consultant Healthcare (IBG/FH Bremerhaven)


Contract design
Corporate transformations

1Gerhard Platz EN


Reliability: because success
should be long-lasting.

Clear statements and responsible action. My clients can rely on me one hundred per cent. Acting transparently during all steps and to finding the most efficient solution – in this way, trust can arise from reliability.

-Gerhard Platz-


Studied business administration at the University of Nürnberg-Erlangen
Postgraduate studies of law in Mannheim

1986 - 1990 employed at the fiscal law department of medium sized enterprises
1989 appointed as tax consultant
1990 - 1996 employed at the auditing department of medium sized enterprises
1992 appointed as auditor
1997 acquisition of the parental tax Office and own auditing and tax Office in Stuttgart
2002 training course as business mediator
2010 consultant for company succession
2010 training course as business coach
2011 certified executor
2012 certified foundation expert
since 2012 partner at vsbb


Regular tax consultancy, foundation advisory of various industries and legal forms
Succession advice, start-up Consulting
Company valuation
Auditing consultancy


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