Annual financial statements, administrative accounting, business assessment, turnover tax advance return, payroll accounting

Are you legally bound to bookkeeping and financial statements? We take care of all your duties, efficiently and in compliance with legal provisions, whether it is for payroll or financial accounting, balancing or cash based accounting. 

We also gladly generate interim statements for special cases.

Do you wish to draw more informational value from your evaluations? We optimize your business assessment, your controlling report, the cost account or other reports according to your requirements. 

To ensure optimal processing we offer the so-called digital bookkeeping, which is carried out almost entirely on your computer. You keep the receipts in your company while at any time; you are still able to catch up on your business assessment, outstanding items, the dunning process or impersonal accounts, including the electronically linked receipts to every accounting record.

Do you wish to outsource payment transactions or the dunning process? We will gladly take over these tasks.

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