When a person becomes legally incompetent or needy, he gets dependent on the help of other people.

Only if you exercise your right of self-determination in the form of authorizations, you are able to define the acting person. This prevents public intervention in form of a legal guardian and critical situations in which an immediate reaction is needed - but not possible. Our offer consists of:

• power of attorney for administrative and personal affairs
• advanced healthcare directives (medical and nursing treatment requirements)
• management service agreements with representatives
• authorizations for companies and shares
• post-mortem authorizations for cases involving foreign elements

We also give advice regarding the preparation of a personal emergency file for the private and business sector.

Assets need to be protected. In this case, the transfer of assets from one generation to the other is a complex and diverse act that needs to be well prepared.

Hedges before the accrual of the inheritance

• design and examination of succession regulations e.g. in the form of marriage contracts, contracts of inheritance, testaments
• inheritance tax planning
• adjustment of corporate regulations according to inheritance law
• company succession – generational change in family businesses

Hedges after the accrual of the inheritance

• applications for certificates of inheritance
• executorship
• enforcement / defence of inheritance claims
• assertion of statutory shares
• settlement between a community of heirs
• compulsory partitions by public auctions

The transfer of business ownership within or outside of a family into the hands of the next generation should always be based on detailed consultations that consider all requirements.

The question of corporate succession is a big challenge for every owner-managed company as its successful completion is crucial to its survivability.

Unfortunately, these challenges often are underestimated by the current owner as well as by the potential successor. However, a detailed succession plan is indispensable.

You will not only get qualified information but also our expertise and individual approach.

With our help you will master your company's succession successfully!

For the current owner – planning the succession

• finding and identifying a suitable successor
• planning of succession – development of a detailed succession plan
• examination of conceptual alternatives as well as the consideration of legal and fiscal aspects
• ensuring retirement provisions
• price determination – company evaluation

For the successor – planning the succession

• analysis of the current company situation – market position, profitability, organisation
• coverage of capital requirements – stable financing concept
• price determination – company evaluation
• minimizing risk of liability

Asset transfer during lifetime often represents an emotional challenge for all involved parties.

In order to make decisions while considering all possible economic effects, expert knowledge is needed. We take into account all legal aspects as well as fiscal consequences and not to forget – we pay careful attention to family aspects.

Private assets

• donation
• beneficial use
• transfer against on-going annuity payments
• creation of a family pool

We advise especially family businesses and high net-worth individuals regarding company and entrepreneur successions as well as the transfer of private assets. Together with you, we develop individually tailored solutions where we take into consideration the legal and fiscal requirements in the best way.

Foundations can be a suitable way for the succession of assets. With the help of a foundation you can also ensure a lasting continuation of your company and the provisions of your family, and take on social responsibility..

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