Business administration

Companies that need major restructuring usually already have been through a strategic crisis. Often it is not clearly defined which markets shall be served with which products. Over many years and in a subtle way, the strategic crisis often ends, in a loss of earnings. If nothing is done, this can lead to a liquidity crisis.

We are there for you every step of the way with valuable advice and support. The earlier you address these challenges, the better.

Modules of the vsbb restructuring counselling:

• quick check
• conception phase
• measures
• realisation
• interim management

The financing methods of a company are manifold. In addition to the internal financing by profits or cash flows, companies also normally need loan capital, either for the on-going financing of the business, the financing of growth or of certain investments.

Since all your energy is needed for the daily business, we are happy to assist you regarding all questions of financing.

• analysis and optimization of the financing structure
• determination of the financing need
• preparation and accompaniment of discussions with banks
• support regarding the introduction and implementation of a periodic banking reporting

Reasons can be manifold to address the value of a company: a business owner plans to sell his business or he just wants to know which value has been generated over the past few years.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to us; we have extensive expertise regarding company evaluations

• sale/purchase of companies
• consultation for company successions
• inheritance tax/gift tax

Without a coherent strategy, a company cannot be successfully managed. During a strategy formulation process, the company’s vision should be identified and then the goals of a company can be derived from this vision.

Often, companies have coherent strategies. But sometimes they are not made transparent enough to the employees of the company. If this is not done successfully, the best strategy will fail with the conversion.

We will assist you to place your strategy on solid ground and to turn it into action.

Modules of the vsbb strategy consulting:

• definition of the company’s vision
• identification of strategic goals
• strategy implementation

The basis of every company is the financial accounting. It should be done in a timely and comprehensive way. Technological innovations such as digital document posting facilitate the processing of the large amount of data.

Corporate action is future-oriented. For this reason, planning calculations need to be done for future periods.

Maybe you would also like to know the contribution of a single product or a certain subsidiary to the success of your company. Then it’s time to have a closer look at your cost accounting.

• Business assessment/ controlling report/ company online
• Accounting
• Company internal financial reporting (MIS)

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