Contract design

Contracts affect all areas of life. Especially in business life, they play a decisive role. With their help, economic relations can be built on reliable grounds. 

Usually, contract design has its focus on the future. The more complex the situation the more advisable it is to consult a lawyer for the contract design. When it comes to the design of contracts, you benefit from the client orientation at vsbb. The essential task is to find out the real interests of a client together with him and to formulate them precisely.

In addition to the legal effectiveness, the fiscal effects should be taken into account. We will find out the legal and fiscal framework for you in order to develop the optimal contract design for your specific and individual situation.  

Legal advice and representation 

Economic success often requires foregoing legal advice. A goal-oriented realization and hedge of positions depends from a qualified and economically oriented legal support. We support our clients regarding the choice of the legal form, all necessary extrajudicial negotiations and at judicial enforcement in front of civilian and financial courts.

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